Terms of Use (2019)

How have we grown indifferent and/or powerless to artificial intelligence’s (AI) repercussions on surveillance, social institutions, and creative labor? Further, how do AI's majority white-men creators reconstitute social power relations through the politics embedded in emergent technologies? As technology ever-increases our ability to curate personae—we have grown simultaneously closer, and more distant, to the ways AI operates insidiously. The normalization of surveillance, as made possible through the birthing of social media technologies, demonstrates a generational surrender to the corporatized use of personal information. When this information is then used against the general public (by advertisement companies, Big Pharma, social networks, and etc.) to maintain economic trends and social governance, this then goes on to reproduce the performance of the world within our socioeconomic status quo.

How might queerly engaging with emergent technology’s histories serve as a site for returning, and reclaiming, the surveillant’s gaze? Through the creation of multimedia works, in collaboration with the intimate technologies that collect personal information (laptops/smartphones), Terms of Use (ToU) combines webcam, drag, improv comedy, and dance performance in a dis/embodied investigation of the social contracts we agree to both knowingly and unbeknownst to us. ToU employs absurdism as a coping mechanism for the social worlds the artist navigates, while proposing newer means of being in the world that destabilize dominant ideologies on technology, identity, and the body.


Watch the full films below:


Dec 2019, Terms of Use (Suite II): Agree to Disagree @ CMCI Studio (Boulder, CO)
May 2019, Terms of Use @ University of Colorado Boulder (Boulder, CO)
Apr 2019, Terms of Use @ Gildar Gallery (Denver, CO)