Terms of Use (2019)

To view the full films, please contact ellehong[dot]art[at]gmail[dot]com.

Terms of Use is a two-part video work that considers desire as a mode of (anti)production. Desire reveals itself as fundamental towards the aims of  certain AIs/emergent technologies, i.e., something may be programmed to elicit a desired outcome. These outcomes then give language towards the underlying desires of their instigators, which reveal entanglements with dominant ideologies of race, gender/sexuality, class, among others. How might the production of digital mess, detritus, waste, and frivolity both interrupt, and reconfigure, power structures inherent to technologically-based art?

This work offers forth lo-fi video interventions to a digital landscape that grows aesthetically sharper, wiser, and more insidious. How can we continue to be, and create, in conversation with technological intimacy as a form of resistance against emergent tech’s trajectories towards social governance and population control? Terms of Use & Terms of Use (Suite II): Agree to Disagree ask us how we might propose queerer means of being in the world that destabilize dominant ideologies on technology, identity, and the body.



Dec 2019, Terms of Use (Suite II): Agree to Disagree @ CMCI Studio (Boulder, CO)
May 2019, Terms of Use @ University of Colorado Boulder (Boulder, CO)
Apr 2019, Terms of Use @ Gildar Gallery (Denver, CO)

Terms of Use was supported through a Center for the Arts & Humanities Fellowship at the University of Colorado Boulder (Boulder, CO).