Choreography, A/V Production, Costume Design: Elle Hong (umami goddess™)
Performers: кir alshanetsky (ok_r3n), Shemaiah Clarke (SH3-ma1ah), Kai Magee (m3/mii), Leneil Roderique (@comegetfxxedup), Michelle Rosen (††† DJ HEX GIRL †††)
Music: SH3 (prod. umami goddess™)
Additional Music: Millionaires, A.G. Cook, Cash Cash, Dam Funk, Lady Gaga, Hannah Diamond, Wonder Girls, Azealia Banks, Dirty Vegas, Lykke Li X AutoErotique
Lighting Design: Chelsie McPhilimy
Videography: Brendan Plake

Originally presented at the Patricelli ‘92 Theater, Wesleyan University (Middletown, CT), November 2016.


UTOPIA01_SH3.wrld is a multimedia exercise in queer worldbuilding. Heavily influenced by José Esteban Muñoz’s queer theory writing, Cruising Utopia: The Then and There of Queer Futurity, Elle collaborates music, experimental film, and live dance performance in an antidisciplinary work that blurs divides between realness and falsity. Engineering a “fake” pop group, UTOPIA01_SH3.wrld asks viewers to consider the entanglements between the real and the fake, and how a pragmatic investment in both might serve as a site for fantastical, future envisioning.

The creation of the fictional pop-group, SH3, aims to mirror the experience of carving one’s transness anew. If one treats something made-up as truth, and this phenomena begins to take on real-life consequences, might we then recognize the relative falsity/realness required in the conception and construction of newness? This work moves towards, and mines, the potentialities within the fake that lead towards greater play, indulgence, and self-/selves-determination.



THE DEBUT SINGLE BY SH3 AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD @ soundcloud.com/umamigoddess