know/ledge (2018)

︎︎︎ know/ledge

                     or, what do i do now that i know?
                     (PDF download)

This work was created for DNCE 6047 - Dance Studies Seminar at CU Boulder under faculty supervision of Professor Michelle Ellsworth.


know/ledge is a written endeavor comprised of two sections — re:late, and unsettling. In “re:late,” I utilize the hybrid potentiality offered by the lyric essay genre to weave together musings and reflections on American political life, theoretical texts, mythology/folklore, and personal anecdotes. Through layering a variety of knowledge forms, I recreate for the reader the complicated experience of arriving at intersectional understandings of personally ascribed knowledge. This portion of writing interrogates the historicity of what we believe to know, and how/why we arrive at our belief systems. The second portion of this work, “unsettling” is a collection of poetry that tracks my personal reckonings with adjustment disorder in relocating thrice within a year. These poems grapple with feelings of guilt and alienation rooted in my difficult relationship to my "home/town." Here, I consider the possibilities for queer(ed) individuals to build new worlds for, and with, one another. Through merging these sections of writing and documentation, I aim to make tangible the complexity of the worlds I inhabit, and how the work of disrupting Western theoretical hierarchization may occur within our more quotidian performance of socialized everyday-ness. This writing serves as only part of a larger, lifelong project towards disrupting and dismantling Western thought, providing multifaceted means of arriving at knowledge, as well as practicing newer means of knowledge interrogation and dissemination.